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Dubai Massage Escort on Vacation


The customer applies to the agency, where he chooses 2-3 girls for escort for the entire vacation period. As in the classical, there is a preliminary meeting, during which it is decided whether there will be common themes for talking, whether the girl can make the vacation interesting for the client, whether there is sympathy between the customer and the lady. If both parties agree to a joint massage escort, the girl receives a fee, and the agent get a commission, after which she goes on a trip.


It is also possible that a man will want to take her on vacation more than once; a fee for a beauty in this case will increase, but the agency will receive a commission only once.


Dubai Massage Escort are really allowed at the legislative level, and the accompaniment of wealthy men by beautiful girls is absolutely legal, but no one forbids nice creatures to indicate intimate services to the client, of course, for a fee.


Perhaps it looks like illegal, but only from the moral and ethical point of view. By law everything is legal, because the fee is taken exclusively for the escort, which the law allows. Of course, without the support of individuals in the upper layers of power, the creation of such agencies would never become permissible. By the way, you can check Hot and Seductive Dubai Massage Escort.


In fact, this entity of the enterprise is an official taxpayer, always issues a check, and also accepts payment on a bank card.


The fee that a girl receives for a business evening with a continuation varies within the limits of 500-700 US dollars. If the customer wants to see her in a specific image, make-up, dress, he buys all clothes, accessories and pays for beauty salon services. If the customer wants to use the services of escort day 3 together with him, he should pay 2-4 thousand dollars.


If the client wants to take the girl on vacation, then a week’s pleasure will cost him 6-7 thousand dollars. If you go to rest two ladies the cost increases to 10 thousand. But do not forget about the individual whims of the client; oral caresses with a massage for the night or a lesbian show in the evening.

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